We are excited to share the details of our recent submission to the prestigious BALI National Landscape Awards, showcasing a transformative garden project that stands as a testament to our dedication, craftsmanship, and innovative spirit. 
Crafting the Vision 
Our client came to us with a vision of transforming their outdoor space into a functional, beautiful, and sustainable haven. The brief was comprehensive, requiring a blend of paving, construction, decking, and unique features to create a cohesive and enchanting landscape. The scope of the contract was divided into three meticulously planned phases to ensure seamless execution. 
Phase 1: Laying the Foundations 
The project commenced with the installation of a striking retaining oak sleeper wall, reinforced with steel to support an outbuilding. This foundational step was crucial, setting the stage for the subsequent phases and ensuring the structural integrity of the entire project. 
Phase 2: Integrating Beauty and Functionality 
Phase 2 was all about integrating various features to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the garden. Key elements included: 
Artificial Turf: Perfectly Green Senna Grass, offering a lush, low-maintenance solution. 
Dry Stone Wall and Gravel: Sourced from Silverland Stone, adding a rustic charm. 
Porcelain Paving: Marshalls Sylvern Limestone with a black limestone edge, laid in a random pattern for a natural look. 
Slatted Fence and Wooden Arch: Constructed from Champion Timber, providing privacy and visual interest. 
Pond Construction: A tranquil water feature surrounded by reclaimed bricks and rockery rocks. 
One of the standout challenges was crafting the brick arches—a skill previously unexplored by our team. Through perseverance and attention to detail, we successfully integrated these beautiful structures into the garden, adding a touch of timeless elegance. 
Phase 3: Bringing It All Together 
The final phase brought the project to fruition, connecting the various elements to create a harmonious and inviting outdoor space. This phase included: 
Decking Steps: Softwood decking from Travis Perkins, creating a seamless transition from the house to the garden. 
Paving Connections: Extending the Marshalls Sylvern Limestone paving to link the front and back gardens, ensuring a cohesive flow. 
Pergola Construction: A bespoke pergola with planed and treated timber posts, featuring client-supplied rope for a unique crossed-beam design. 
Despite facing adverse weather conditions and challenging ground (solid clay), we overcame these obstacles with innovative solutions, such as creating temporary paths to facilitate continuous work. 
Commitment to Sustainability and Quality 
Throughout the project, we emphasised sustainable practices by incorporating reclaimed materials, such as bricks and rockery rocks, enhancing both the environmental impact and aesthetic appeal. Sourcing high-quality materials from trusted suppliers like Silverland Stone, Marshalls, Perfectly Green, AVS Fencing, Travis Perkins, and Champion Timber ensured that every element of the garden was built to last. 
A Testament to Excellence 
The completion of this project represents a harmonious fusion of beauty and functionality, seamlessly connecting the outdoor oasis with the home. Our ability to overcome challenges and leverage innovative solutions has resulted in a landscape that not only fulfills our client's aspirations but also sets a new standard for excellence in our industry. 
Supplier Partnerships 
We couldn’t have achieved this level of success without our trusted suppliers: 
Drystone Wall / Derbyshire White Gravel: Silverland Stone 
Marshalls Sylvern Limestone: Marshalls 
Perfectly Green Senna Grass: Perfectly Green 
Oak Sleepers: AVS Fencing 
Decking: Travis Perkins 
Wooden Arch / Pergola / Slatted Fence: Champion Timber 
We are incredibly proud of this project and our team's ability to transform our client's vision into reality. This competition submission is not just about winning; it is a celebration of our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Stay tuned for updates as we await the results and continue to push the boundaries of landscape design excellence. 
Thank you for following our journey, and we look forward to sharing more of our exciting projects with you in the future! 
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