Decking Care - Preparing For Spring! 
The days are slowing, getting longer and warmer, marking the first signs that summer is coming. For those who have partitioned their garden using decking, it’s time to start prepping your outdoor space for the start of spring. Decking care should be the first thing on your list of outdoor chores to help you make the most of Springtime! 
Most people abandon their gardens during the winter, leaving their paving and landscaping looking tired, messy and even slightly off coloured but we are here to provide you with some top tips to transform your deck back to its former glory. Read on to learn more about our decking care tips.  
The first step is to make sure you sure a firm outdoor broom to sweep away any debris which has accumulated. You can then use the same brush to wash the wood with a mix of water and soap. You can even find specialised deck cleaning soap in particular hardware stores if you think your decking has formed mould or needs some extra TLC! This step in washing the decking isn’t one to miss as it can help identify damage or fading which has been hidden under layers of dirt. 
For composite decking or if your decking has only recently been installed, this clearing and cleaning may be the only step you need to take to revitalise your garden. However, traditional timber decking may need to be re-stained to give it a fresh look. This is a great opportunity to decide if you want to make any minor design changes, whether that be a darker stain to minimise the upkeep or using a decking paint to add some colour to a dull outdoor space. 
Our final tip is to add some new features to your decking and garden, whether that be adding some new plants or repainting old outdoor furniture, it is a quick and easy way to create your own small #gardentransformation. 
To discuss the installation of decking in your garden or for some help with your garden maintenance, please contact us at 01932 943043 or send us an email 
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