Gardening in winter may not be as fun as the summer months, but there are still things to be done! October is the perfect time to tidy up and cut back your garden in time for the winter months. It is the month to tick off any remaining planting tasks and spend the last few mornings in the garden before you put away your outdoor furniture as the masses of autumn rain arrives. 
Here is our handy October gardening check list: 
1. Sweep up any fallen leaves 
Leaves can harbour fungal spores as well as providing ideal hiding spots for slugs and snails. 
2. Prune rambling roses 
Once roses have finished flowering it is important to prune and tie the stems before the autumn weather cause irreversible damage. 
3. Clear overhanging plants from garden access pathways 
It is important to cut back greenery and hedges which may grow to block pathways over the next few months. Prevention is key! 
4. Move trees and plant hedges 
October is the ideal time to relocate key features in your garden. Most evergreens should only be moved when their roots are active meaning you may have to wait till March if they aren’t moved soon. 
5. Clear fallen leaves 
It is important to make sure your lawn gets as much light as possible during shorter winter days, therefore make sure your grass is clear of leaves to ensure it looks its best come the spring. 
6. Aerate your lawn 
Use a garden fork to perforate your lawn with small holes. This allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots and avoid waterlogging and compaction over winter. 
7. Mow your lawn 
October is the perfect time to do the last law mowing of the year! 
Gardening in winter can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore, so if you need help to prep your garden for the winter months Innovision Landscapes can provide a variety of maintenance services for gardens big or small. So, whether you need help rearranging your planters or just need your patio cleaned, we will be happy to help. 
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