How Do You Get Rid Of A Christmas Tree - Reuse, Replant, Recylcle  
How do you get rid of a Christmas tree? Do your bit for the environment by finding an alternative to throwing away your Christmas Tree this year. 
A total of 8 million Christmas trees will be disposed of this year. It is time to make a change by finding an alternative to sending your tree to landfill. You can now arrange for your tree to be picked up by a local recycling scheme and turned into wood chip for woodland areas or local parks. You can also look for an organisation or charity that offers a ‘treecyling’ service where it could be used to build effective flood barriers in communities around the UK. 
Best of all, if you tree is still potted, replant it in your garden and use it next year! 
If not reused or recycled, trees become costly to both the environment and the taxpayer, with the cost of landfilling eight million trees being around £22 million. 
But remember to remove all tinsel and decorations! 
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