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Navigating Product Availability When Laying a Patio: Our Effective Strategy 
As landscapers with a finger on the pulse of the industry, Innovision Landscapes understand the frustrations caused by the current supply and demand imbalances. The challenges of laying a patio have been amplified by the ongoing issues affecting the construction materials market. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons behind these challenges and how Innovision has taken proactive measures to address them, ensuring a smoother patio installation process for our valued customers. 
The Impact of Supply and Demand on Laying a Patio: 
The unprecedented demand for construction materials during the pandemic caught the industry off guard, resulting in unforeseen price increases and supply shortages. Factors such as workforce illness, container shortage, and a scarcity of delivery drivers further compounded these challenges, leaving customers with fewer options and inflated prices. 
Statistics Reflecting the Industry Trends: 
According to the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), the year-to-date inflation rates in November 2022 for various construction sectors were as follows: 
Heavyside: 8.4% 
Timber & Joinery: 47.2% 
Tool Hire & Power Tools: 2.1% 
Heating: 4.4% 
Civils & Drainage: 12.9% 
Plumbing: 11.3% 
Lightside: 4.5% 
Bathrooms: 7.0% 
Kitchens: 2.5% 
Transportation Challenges and Delays: 
In 2019, carrier reliability stood at a commendable 75%. However, the pandemic and subsequent events led to a significant decline, with figures plummeting to under 40% in April 2021. Port delays, aggravated by the temporary suspension of traffic at the Suez Canal, further exacerbated the situation. While the delays are gradually diminishing, they continue to impact the industry in many regions. 
Innovision's Solutions for Smoother Patio Installations: 
At Innovision, we understand the frustrations faced by our customers. To mitigate the challenges and provide a seamless patio laying experience, we have implemented the following strategies: 
Prompt Ordering: As soon as we receive booking deposits, we take immediate action to order the necessary materials. This proactive approach helps us secure the current pricing at the time of order, shielding our customers from sudden price hikes. 
Effective Communication: We maintain constant and transparent communication channels with both our suppliers and customers. Regular updates regarding the status of orders and any potential delays ensure that everyone involved is well-informed throughout the process. 
Dedicated Customer Support: To enhance our customer service, we have introduced a new job role solely focused on managing and addressing communication needs promptly. This ensures that inquiries and concerns are handled efficiently, providing peace of mind to our customers. 
Despite the ongoing supply chain challenges impacting the construction industry, Innovision has risen to the occasion by implementing proactive measures to streamline the patio laying process. By promptly ordering materials, maintaining effective communication, and prioritising exceptional customer service, we aim to alleviate frustrations and ensure a smoother experience for our valued customers. Trust Innovision to turn your patio dreams into a reality. 
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