Steps to keeping your lawn healthy during the cold months! 
During the winter, your grass can feel the effects just as much as yourself! Throughout the year many factors come into play causing easy damage, but with a bit of guidance, these can be reduced. Here we have gathered a few simple steps to keeping a healthy lawn during the harsh months! 
Rest The Lawn 
If possible, keep off the lawn when wet or frosty. 
Grass can damage easily in this situation as the plants are not actively growing and will not repair themselves until the spring! 
Only mow the lawn when the conditions are suitable. 
It’s not advised to mow the lawn if heavy frosts are expected, or the ground is excessively wet. 
Above 5℃ grass will continue to grow and will still need mowing. 
Ensure the cut is 25% higher than during the summer. 
Always ensure your mowers blades are sharp and in good, working condition! 
Clear Leaves And Debris 
Use a light rake or brush to clear the lawn of leaves and debris. 
Fallen leaves will trap moisture and encourage disease and worm activity! 
Aerate consolidated areas of your lawn with a fork or a spiking machine. 
This will relieve compaction, improve drainage and allow more air into the root system, leading to a healthier lawn! 
Dealing With Worms 
Worms improve the nutrient content of soil and are beneficial to the soil structure. 
Worm casts are best left to dry and then swept away with a stiff brush. 
Mole activity can increase in January/February. 
Remove the mounds of earth and plan to overseed in spring! 
Things To Look Out For 
Moss can cause problems on lawns where there is poor drainage or excessive shade. 
If your lawn suffers dieback during winter from excessive foot traffic during the wet, muddy season, consider laying stepping stones to allow access without causing damage! 
With some TLC, you can keep your lawn happy and in good shape throughout the season. However, we know that not everyone has the time to keep on top of these things or even want to brave the cold, so why not ask us for some help! 
We offer garden maintenance services, please feel free to contact us on 01932943043 or to discuss further! 
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