Lawn Care Tips: Looking After Your Lawn in Winter. Steps to keeping your lawn healthy during the cold months! 
When winter arrives, your lawn requires special attention to withstand the harsh conditions. Various factors throughout the year can easily damage your grass, but with a little guidance, you can minimise the impact. At Innovision Landscapes, we have gathered a few simple steps to help you with looking after your lawn during the winter months. 
Give Your Lawn a Rest 
During wet or frosty periods, it's best to avoid walking on the lawn whenever possible. The grass is not actively growing during this time and won't repair itself until spring. Walking on the lawn in these conditions can cause damage that takes longer to recover from. 
Timing Your Mowing 
2. Choose suitable conditions for mowing your lawn during winter. It's not advisable to mow the lawn if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is excessively wet. However, if the temperature remains above 5℃, the grass will continue to grow and will still require mowing. Remember to adjust the cutting height to be 25% higher than during the summer. Additionally, ensure your mower's blades are sharp and in good working condition for a clean cut. 
Clearing Leaves And Debris 
3. Use a light rake or brush to clear fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. Leaves left on the grass can trap moisture and encourage disease and worm activity, which can harm your lawn's health. 
Aeration For A Healthy Lawn 
4. To improve drainage, relieve compaction, and enhance the root system's access to air, aerate consolidated areas of your lawn. You can achieve this by using a fork or a spiking machine. Aeration promotes a healthier lawn, even during the winter months. 
Managing Worms 
5. Worms play a vital role in improving soil nutrient content and structure. If you notice worm casts on your lawn, let them dry and then remove them with a stiff brush. In January and February, mole activity may increase. If you encounter mounds of earth, remove them and plan to overseed in the spring. 
Watch Out for Moss and Excessive Foot Traffic 
6. Poor drainage or excessive shade can lead to moss problems on your lawn. Address these issues to maintain a healthy lawn. Moreover, if your lawn experiences dieback during winter due to excessive foot traffic in the wet and muddy season, consider installing stepping stones to provide access without causing damage. 
By following these winter lawn care tips, you can ensure that you’re looking after your lawn the best you can throughout the season. We understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to brave the cold and perform these tasks themselves. That's why Innovision Landscapes is here to help. Contact us for professional assistance and give your lawn the care it deserves, even in winter! 
We offer garden maintenance services, please feel free to contact us on 01932943043 or to discuss further! 
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