Outdoor Lighting - Lighting Up Your Garden  
Adding outdoor lighting to your garden is one of the best finishing touches to emphasis great landscaping and prolong the enjoyment of your garden long into the evening. 
Landscaping lighting is key to emphasising key garden elements and help create stunning garden views a night. Whether you chose to add lighting to increase the safety and security of your home, or just to illuminate your beautiful garden there are many types of outdoor lighting options choose from. 
The most popular types are: 
This type of fixture is extremely popular in order to create up-lighting, most commonly used on trees. Spotlights are also very versatile because these fixtures can support a variety of bulbs, beam widths, and wattage. 
Although floodlights are also referred to as spotlights, floodlights are used for a different purpose. Floodlights are typically used to add extra security lighting to your garden, especially for larger areas around your property and in dark corners. 
Path Lights 
The most popular use for this type of lighting fixture is to keep walkways well lit. Depending on the fixture used, light can be directed down and to the side or down and around the entire area. This lighting style works well along driveways, by decking areas and garden trails. Another great area of use is to highlight landscape beds and gardens. 
We believe landscape lighting is key to finishing off the look of a new garden whilst increasing the hours you can spend sitting outside on a summer evening. To discuss the lighting options we provide or for information on how we can transform your garden, contact us for your free no-obligation quote. 
01932 943043 or email us at info@innovisionlandscapes.co.uk 
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