Wood Decking vs. Composite Decking: Choosing The Right Material For You 
When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden, making the right decision is crucial. With wood decking and composite decking offering different lifespans and benefits, choosing the perfect material can be a daunting task. To ease your decision-making process, we have handpicked key information comparing wood decking vs composite decking. Discover the essential details you need to know! 
Wood Decking 
• Wood is the original and traditional decking material. 
• Pricing varies based on the type of wood—softwoods are cheaper but less durable than hardwoods. 
• Wood decking requires more maintenance over the years. 
• Softwoods are susceptible to rot and may splinter over time. 
• Wood imparts a natural rustic and warm feel to your garden. 
• The typical lifespan of wood decking is 8-15 years. 
• Scratches from furniture, pets, or general use can be easily removed with sanding. 
• Wood is easier to shape and cut, allowing for limitless design possibilities. 
Composite Decking 
• Composite decking is the fastest-growing decking material for residential and commercial use. 
• It offers an environmentally friendly alternative by combining wood and plastic fiber. 
• Darker shades of composite decking can become hot in the sun, requiring caution in hotter weather. 
• Maintenance requirements for composite decking are significantly low, allowing more time for relaxation and family activities. 
• The material is weather resistant, stain resistant, and splinter-free. 
• Composite decking experiences more movement due to expansion and contraction compared to traditional wood decking. 
• Composite decking is available in a variety of colors, eliminating the need for frequent staining. 
• It boasts an impressive lifespan of 25-30 years. 
Choosing the Right Option: 
After considering the features of both wood decking and composite decking, you may wonder which material is best suited for your garden. Here are some insights to help you decide: 
Wood Decking: 
If you enjoy the classic and timeless look of wood decking and don't mind dedicating more attention to maintenance, this option is perfect for you. With the ability to change the color with a quick sand and stain, your decking can evolve along with your creative ideas. Wood decking brings a natural warmth to your garden and offers a lifespan of 8-15 years. 
Composite Decking: 
Opting for composite decking allows you to relax without the constant worry of regular maintenance. With its longer lifespan and lower upkeep requirements, composite decking offers a more cost-effective solution. Enjoy a worry-free experience with a material that is weather resistant, stain resistant, and free from splinters, lasting for 25-30 years. 
Ultimately, your choice of garden decking material should consider your desired aesthetics, the level of maintenance you're willing to undertake, and your budget. Let your lifestyle and preferences guide you in making the right decision for your outdoor space. 
We offer both composite and wood decking services, please feel free to contact us on 01932943043 to discuss further! 
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