What is the right choice for your garden? 
When making important decisions involving your gardens aesthetics its best to know what you’re getting yourself into; with different lifespans and benefits it can be difficult to choose. Here is some handpicked key information, including the good and the bad, to help! 
• Wood is the original and traditional material when it comes to decking. 
• It’s all in the price you pay! Soft woods are cheaper than hardwoods but a lot less durable. 
• A lot more maintenance is needed to keep your decking happy over the years. 
• Softwoods are susceptible to rot; over time they can rot and splinter. 
• Wood can add a natural rustic, warm feel to your garden. 
• The typical lifespan of wood decking is 8-15 years. 
• Scratches from furniture, pets or general use can be easily removed with some sanding. 
• Wood is easier to shape and cut, meaning the designs are almost limitless! 
Composite Decking 
• Composite has quickly become the fastest growing decking material for residential and commercial use. 
• Its an environmentally friendly alternative which combines wood and plastic fibre. 
• Darker shades can become hot in the sun so caution would be advised in hotter weather! 
• The maintenance is very low, meaning more time to relax or play with your family on your decking. 
• The material is weather resistant, stain resistant and won’t splinter. 
• It will expand and contract meaning more movement than a traditional wooden decking. 
• You can buy composite decking in a variety of colours, meaning there is no need to keep buying stainer for the upkeep. 
• Composite decking has a lifespan of 25-30 years! 
So what is best for me? 
As soon as you have your wooden decking laid there are endless colour possibilities with just a quick sand and stain, meaning your decking can change as much as your ideas do! Wooden decking can bring a classic and timeless look to your garden; If you don’t mind the idea of paying more attention to the upkeep then this would be perfect for you. 
On the other hand, composite decking will allow you to relax more without the worry and stress of maintaining the material as often. With a longer lasting lifespan it also means that the cost is more effective! 
When choosing your garden decking you need to consider how you’d like it to look, how much work you are wanting to put into it, and how much you are willing to spend. Depending on your lifestyle will ultimately answer that question for you! 
We offer both composite and wood decking services, please feel free to contact us on 01932943043 to discuss further! 
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