Garden lighting has a very broad range of uses from aesthetic to security or social use! 
Lights can enhance the garden or create features from natural plants and trees. Lighting can be used to highlight a path or spot-light an area; In summary - Lights can pretty much go anywhere and light up anything! 
Different types of lighting fixtures include; 
Spot-light - A general light that points in only 1 direction. 
Floodlights - Allow a wide coverage with brightness. 
Up/Down lights - Offers a wide range of uses including bringing featutres to life. 
Step lights - It's all in the name! They can go either go on walls beside the stairs or on the front. 
Garden lights - Placement is key; The light acts as an umbrella showing off your favourite areas of the garden. 
Bollard lights - Posts with a light right on the top; One of the only landscape lights that shine in every direction! 
String lights - Stringing through trees or hardscapes, they provide a more subtle light for picturesque scenes. 
Simple but effective! - What once was a dim house, is now standing out! 
It's clear; Lighting makes 
all the difference! 
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